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ScubaDivingFanClub is a website about scuba diving information, diving equipment tips, diving destinations and where divers share their passion.

The underwater world seen by divers and snorkelers is an extraordinary one. It is a world defined by Jacques Cousteau as very complex, very well defined and very little understood.

In ScubaDivingFanClub we will help understand this amazing world that brings all divers everyday to enjoy this pass time. Having the feeling of adventure and enjoying the variety of colorful corals and other marine organisms around the reefs that forms a unique panoramic view.


Russian-tank underwater videoBest Diving Cameras | Diving Information
These are currently the best cameras for diving in our opinion and that of many other divers. Read More.

Russian-tank underwater videoRussian Tanks in Cuba | Diving Video
Some fun diving in Guardalavaca, Cuba. Where we had the pleasure to dive around some Russian tanks and other equipments. Read More.

Barrier_Reef The Coral Reefs | Diving Information
Learn the types of coral reefs, how they live and some problems and solutions to save the corals and the underwater world. Read More.

diving signal Our Demonstration of Diving Signals | Diving Information
Without realizing people use a lot of hand or body gestures to express themselves.Diving signals were created for better understanding between divers. Read More

Diver Equalizing Ears Diving Risks | Diving Information
The best way to keep divers safe is to know the diving risks. An immediate obstacle to human activity under water is the fact that human lungs cannot naturally function in water environment. Read More

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