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Diving Bag

The scuba diving bag will help you carry everything while travelling; can also be used for storage of your equipment when you are not travelling.

Modern scuba bags are made from lighter materials and with separate compartiments for items such as fins, mask, bcd and regulator. Some of these compartiments may be padded, to minimize the possibility of damage.

When buying a Bag

net diving bag
net diving bag_2

TIP # 1: make sure it fit all your gear, including wet or dry suit.

TIP #2: some big bags tend to tip forward when they are fully loaded.

TIP #3: make sure zippers are non corrosives.

TIP # 4: the lighter the better, remember how much all your gear weight.

Tip # 5: Big Luggage are for airline transportation, use small net bags when diving to avoid damage and carring extra sand or water.

When going on vacation it is important to know the airline's rules regarding the transportation of diving equipment, by calling your agent you will know how much your full diving bag must weight.

Scuba Diving Bag Maintenance

Never bring it to the beach and avoid water, so make sure all your gear is dry. If you dive only on vacations, inspect your bag often and keep your bag always clean and close.

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Diving Bag
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