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Diving Computers-Watches

Diving computers-watches measure the time and depth of dives to calculate a safe ascent in substitution of simple watches, depth gauges and diving tables or diving planners.

Some diving computers or watches also replace the pressure gauges when connected to the high-pressure hose or with an adapter for the first stage. You see them in the regulator's consoles and in wristbands.

Perhaps the most important new feature in several computers is the ability to download the actual profile of your dive into a personal computer (PC).

Buying a Diving Computer-Watches

TIP # 1: Never rely on one instrument, your underwater diving computer-watches could fail when you need it most. By using analog gauges together with diving computers, your dive will be safer.

TIP # 2: Look for a diving computer with a noise or buzzer that will alert you of any problems; like surfacing too fast or if you forgot about the decompression stop, etc.

TIP # 3: The diving computer's face should be scratch-resistant and made from a non-corrosive material, the buttons must be big enough to be handled by a diver wearing gloves.

TIP # 4: Back lighting is helpful for night diving or cloudy days underwater.

TIP # 5: You must know your diving computer-watches or you will spend the whole dive trying to understand it.

TIP # 6: Never rely on your partner's computer to calculate your decompression, use your own or use diving planners.

TIP # 7: Check that the dive computer turns off automatically or next time you use it, it will be out of batteries.

TIP # 8: Always follow the instructions in the manual for changing the batteries.

Time To Choose One

Watch Computer

Diving Watches: Are watches that are activated when underwater to calculate the time and depth. .


Diving Watches: Others could also provide more information.

Wrist Diivng Computer

Wrist Computers: only active when underwater or wet to save batteries. Can be removed from the wristband and put on the console.


Computer with Adapter: to measure the pressure on the cylinder.


Console with pressure gauge and computer: by just removing the depth gauge from the console and the computer from the wristband.


Computer/Pressure gauge: conected to the high pressure hose will tell you how much air is left in the tank.


The DATA-MASK: with a LCD inside your mask will provide the same data as a diving computer: current depth, elapsed dive time, cylinder pressure, and dive time remaining.

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