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Diving Equipment

As a diver addict you will like to have your own scuba gear but all the necessary diving equipment can cost you around US $1000 or more.

We recommend that you start slow, so let's just see what you must have: Mask/Snorkel, Diving Fins and a Wet Suit for warm water (Dry Suits are expensive, we recommend to rent at the beginning). These gear are basic, you can bring them on your vacation, and you can also use some just for Snorkeling.

Scuba Diving Equipment

A dive computer is very important; they measure the time and depth of dives to calculate a safe ascent. Making your dives more simple and safe. Never rely on your partner's computer to calculate your decompression, use your own or use diving planners.

Next step will be a descent underwater camera for your diving memories; if you have already a digital camera there is a big chance that there is a case for it, so start your research and choose the one you like.

Scuba Diving Equipment

The are some diving companies that have a different price on diving excursions depending if you have your on diving equipment (BCD, Regulator , Mask, etc.), so as a final step start buying your BCD, Regulator and other accessories including a diving bag to travel with all your gear.

Scuba Diving Equipment


Scuba Diving Equipment Scuba Diving Equipment Scuba Diving Equipment

Why Buy Your Own Equipment

How many times you had to rent some gear and had to try at least five different sizes and ended up using something that is not a perfect fit? In diving an equipment that fits is very important. You will feel more comfortable which will make your dives more enjoyable. That’s why it is important to buy your own diving equipment.

This investment will last you for years, because diving gear is build to last. So the next time you plan your holidays, you will have diving on your mind.

Another advantage of owning your gear is the familiarization you will have every time you use it. You will know where to put everything, how to check everything and also you will see how fast it will be for you to put on or remove your own equipment.

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Traveling with diving equipment

When going on vacation and traveling with diving equipment, it is important to know the airline's rules regarding the transportation of scuba equipment. By calling and asking your travel agent you will know the size and weight restrictions of your diving bag.

The airlines are in the business of reduce the cost of travel and one way to do that is by lowering the bag capacity on planes. Some companies will allow diving gear for free while some others will charge you some extra fee. So, now you have to take in consideration the weight of some equipment. Diving BCD's, Fins and wet suit are normally what take the most weight out of your diving equipment.

Complete Necessary Diving Equipment


Part of your basic equipment and with a snorkel and fins, you will enjoy the underwater world.

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The diving fins or diving flippers allow you to move through the water efficiently.

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Wet or dry suits are vital diving equipment and are used to prevent body heat loss.

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To measure the time and depth of dives and help with a safe ascent to the surface.

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To keep memories for your own enjoyment or to share it with your family and friends.

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Control the air from the cylinder by giving divers just the air they need for each inhalation.

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Also know as diving jacket. It allows the diver to rest or swim comfortably at the surface.

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The scuba diving bag will help you carry everything while travelling the world.

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