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Diving Grenada and Carriacou

Diving Grenada and Carriacou map

Before going diving Grenada you should know that the island has long been a major source of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and cocoa. It is recognized as the Island of Spice or The Spice of the Caribbean. Grenada is located in the south of the Lesser Antilles, northeast of Venezuela and northwest of Trinidad and Tobago.

Beside diving

Grenada visitors will enjoy hiking and exploring in Grenada's dense forests. Exploring the island visitors must not miss a spice plantations and the many waterfalls around the island.

Some of the waterfalls flow into the sea due to the mountainous interior of the island.

Grenada has many peaceful beaches and the most visited is the 3 km /1.9 miles long Grand Anse Beach in St George which is considered to be one of the finest beaches in the world.

You can also visit the Carriacou island that is accessible with the daily ferry service between St. George and Hillsborough.

Capital: St George's Language: English. Currency: East Caribbean dollar. Population: Approx. 89,800 Climate: In the dry season, the climate is very pleasant, with warm days and cool nights, but in the wet season it is hot day and night.

Diving in Grenada

With more than 20 wrecks, the Grenadines divers are proud to have the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean and some of the most famous wrecks are: The liner Bianca C, also known as "The Titanic of the Caribbean" and the Hema 1. Diving in Grenada you will find a diverse scenery of reefs and walls and one of the largest number of underwater volcanoes.

Another main attraction of diving Grenada is The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor In May 2006. The sculpture park is visited daily by scuba divers, snorkelers and glass bottom boats. There are sixty-five sculptures, covering an area of 800sq meters. They are located on the west coast of the Grenada, 10 minute boat north of the capital St George.

Diving in the islands you will find good visibility and sea temperatures that vary around 27°C/ 82°F.Good for diving all year-round. Hardly affected by big storms or hurracines.

Dive Centers/Dive Club information

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Dive Sites Dive Centers/Dive Club
Grenada Scuba Diving Flag Dive GrenadaTel: +1 473 444 1092
Carriacou Island Scuba Diving Flag Deefer Diving

A PADI 5 Star centre set on the beautiful island of Carriacou in Grenada. We offer PADI courses, fun dive packages, sidemount, snorkeling, equipment hire and boat charters. Take a look at our website for our latest events and offers. Come on in - dive with us!

Tel: +1 473 443 7882
Fax: +1 473 443 7882

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ScubaDivingFanClub asked:Deefer Diving

Carriacou beach at Hillsborough Bay

Beside diving, tell us about the area: Carriacou prides itself on some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Very Important: They have 17 dive sites suitable for all levels of diver, 15 of which are accessible within a 10 minute boat ride from our dive centre in Hillsborough.

12 of our dive sites are within the Sandy Island/Oyster Bay Marine Protected Area. This is comprised of 7876 hectares, and extends beyond Sandy Island, Mabouya Island and the Sister Rocks.

Carriacou is home to a multitude of fish, coral and crustaceans, which guarantees that every dive there will be a special occasion. Deefer Diving favourites are the Sister Rocks and the north side of Mabouya, both of which team with aquatic life seldom equalled anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Commonly seen aquatic life includes hawksbill turtles, 5 species of moray eel (purplemouth, sharptail, goldspotted, green, spotted), spiny lobsters, slipper lobsters conch, octopi, nurse sharks, 3 species of filefish (whitespotted, orangespotted, scrawled), scorpion fish, oceanic and queen triggerfish, as well many species of angelfish, parrotfish and butterflyfish.

Best sites in the area: Sharky's Hideaway (Mabouya), World of Dreams(Mabouya), Whirlpool(Mabouya), Deep Blue (Sisters Rocks), Barracuda Point (Sisters Rocks), Circles (Sisters Rocks), Westsider and Boris Wrecks (Mabouya). Describe types of diving in the area: Drift diving, Wreck diving, Night diving, Reef diving, Underwater photography, Snorkelling. How many dive sites in the area: 33. Best time to dive: Year-round. Shallowest dive: 12M/39F. Deepest Dive: 40M/132F. Any Wrecks: Several Wrecks. Suit required: Short Wet Suit 3mm. Visibility: Perfect.