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Diving Saba Island

Information about diving Saba island, about the island, dive sites, diving centers and some underwater images.

Pictures of diving Saba where taken with Olympus E-PM1 Camera + PT-EP06 Housing + 2 Sea&Sea YS-01.

Important to know about Saba Island

Saba is a small Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles and it is a special municipality of the Netherlands. The island is an inactive volcano Mount with the highest point at 887 meters (2,910 ft). Considered as the highest within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The island is accessible by air via Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport and by sea with connections coming from the neighboring islands of St. Martin and Sint Eustatius.

Capital: The Bottom. Language: Officially Dutch, most spoken is English. Currency in Saba: US Dollar. Population: Approx. 2,000 Climate: Tropical climate, similar to the other islands in the Caribbean.

Diving Saba

Divers have learned just recently about diving in Saba. With a marine park since 1987 the island was hiding from most divers. Saba has diving sites all over the island. The sites are for all levels of diving, deep dives from typically 35 Meters/ 115 feet and shallow dives with minimum 5m / 15ft.

When diving Saba you will find many species of fish, the most commonly seen are parrotfish, Atlantic blue tang, black durgon, Octopus, turtles, spiny lobsters and barracudas. Sharks and stingrays frequent certain areas as well. Most of the dives are carried out around volcanic rock formations with colorful sponges and soft and hard corals.

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Diving Sites in Saba

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Diving Saba