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Diving in Cyprus

Information about scuba diving in Cyprus, about the country, dive sites and diving centers.

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Important to know about Cyprus

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean sea south of Turkey. Divided between Greek and Turkish cultures and visited by many countries thanks to some of the most popular beaches in Europe. English is widely spoken due to the presence of British military bases at Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

Capital: Nicosia. Language: Greek and Turkish. Currency: Euro. Population: Approx. 1,120,000 Climate: typical Mediterranean climate. Mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.

Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Diving in Cyprus performed around the major coastal towns of Polis, Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol, Paralimni/Protaras, Famagusta and recently in Kyrenia.

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Diving Sites in Cyprus

Diving Centers and Schools in Cyprus

Famagusta Scuba Diving Flag
Kyreina Scuba Diving FlagScuba Cyprus
Tel: 00905338569051
Larnaca Scuba Diving Flag
Limassol Scuba Diving Flag
Paphos Scuba Diving FlagAbyss-Diving
Tel: +3572 691 0500
Paralimni/Protaras Scuba Diving FlagJamie Bourke Diving
Polis Scuba Diving Flag

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Dive Sites in Cyprus


ScubaDivingfanClub asked:

Beside diving, tell us about the area: Historically, the location of this island has always tempted conquerors, from the Persians to the Romans and the Byzantine, each leaving their own indelible mark. One of the most remarkable sights is the Salamis Ruins near Famagusta. These exceptionally preserved ruins were founded by Teucer on his return from the Trojan wars. Other unique sites include an array of museums, notably the Abbey at Bellapais, and the magnificent St. Hilarion castle on Mount St. Hilarion near Kyrenia. This was one of the inspirations for Walt Disney's fairytale castle and is also the place where Richard the Lionheart is reputed to have been married. The key to a holiday in Northern Cyprus is relaxation, for this is a country to which time does not apply.

Describe types of diving in the area: Join us at Scuba Cyprus for reef dives, wall dives, wreck dives at the famous Zenobia, Night diving, or shore dives. How many dive sites in the area: 30+ Best dive sites in the area: Zephyros reef, Zenobia wreck. List fish commonly seen in the area: Grouper, Amberjack, Caretta, turtle, moray eels, squirrel fish. Best time to dive: July. Shallowest dive: 10M/33F. Deepest Dive: 40M/132F. Any Wrecks: Several Wrecks. Suit required: Long Wet Suit 3mm. Visibility: Perfect.


ScubaDivingfanClub asked:

With the crystal clear waters around Protaras & Cyprus as a whole, the diving is incredible. With dive sites ranging from 6m all the way down to 40m featured dive sites in the area such as the sea caves with loads of swim throughs and without a doubt the Zenobia wreck (one of top ten wrecks in the world) 40mim away in Larnaca. With all this why would you not dive in Protaras.

Best sites in the area: sea caves, Wreck Zenobia and cyclops greenbay. List fish commonly seen in the area: rainbow ras, sea bass, dolphin, tuna fish and moray eel. Best time to dive: -.
Suit required: Short Wet Suit 5-7mm.
Minimum depth: 6M/20F.
Maximum Depth: 40M/132F.
Wrecks: Zenobia.
Visibility: Perfect.

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