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Diving in Ecuador/Galapagos Islands

Below we will show information on diving in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Mapa de Ecuador

Important information to know about Ecuador

Ecuador is a country located in the Andes in South America. Border with Colombia in the North and Peru in the South. The country includes the Galapagos Islands, which are located about 600 miles / 965 km west of the coast of Ecuador.

The best dive sites in Ecuador

The islet Peeling offers a varied and exuberant marine fauna, we can see lobsters, octopus, Yellowtail Burritos, blue stripe snapper, angel fish, surgeon fish, butterfly fish, soldier fish, moray eels, Sergeant Major, Gold Perciformes, blowfish, Horn Reef Fish, Parrot Fish, Fish Creole, long striped fish.

Diving sites not to be missed:

The hanged Islet, Isla de la Plata, Isla Salango and COPEI.

Diving Information

It is possible to dive all year round. Average visibility under water is perfect.

Islote Pelado

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Dive Centers/Dive Club information

Address information, phone number and email address.

Dive Sites

Dive Centers

/Dive Club
Ecuador Scuba Diving FlagBlue Tortuga Dive CenterTel: 593 4 511 4856
Galapagos Islands Scuba Diving FlagGalapagos Aggressor ITel:

Scuba Diving FlagGalapagos Sub AquaTel: 593 5 252 6350

Scuba Diving FlagScuba IguanaTel: 593 5 252 6497

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Diving in Galapagos Islands

Islas Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands have been chosen among the ten best places in the world for diving.

The diving can be practiced in the Galapagos Islands is not just for beginners. Rather, we recommend that divers with an intermediate or advanced level, especially in certain areas due to the currents during July to December (information taken from The dive shops will inform you of the particular conditions of time and can also advise less strenuous routes more suitable for beginners.

The Galapagos Islands offer more than 30 dive sites, and you can access them through a combination of a shuttle craft, lasting from one to eight days or a week or two. There are also some dive shops on the island of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz. These stores can take you to the Lobos island (where you dive with seals), Kicker Rock (where there are many hammerhead sharks) and also academy Bay (A five minute boat ride from Santa Cruz, where there are over 10 sites and all for beginners).