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Diving in Greece

Information about scuba diving in Greece, about the country, dive sites and diving centers.

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Important to know about Greece

Greece a culture that has evolved over thousands of years. A land full of history, legends, passion, tradition, beauty and with some of the best panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea. With over 1400 islands lying off the coast and scattered throughout the Aegean Sea. Tourism is a major source of revenue for the country.

Capital: Athens. Language: Greek. Currency: Euro. Population: Approx. 10,900,000 Climate: typical Mediterranean climate. Mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.

Scuba Diving in Greece

Until 2005 The Greek Government was attempting to protect unrecovered ancient sculptures, walls, and other artefacts underwater by limiting scuba diving to a few approved areas. Now diving in Greece is allowed throughout all the seas of the country making some ares unexplored.

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Mykonos Scuba Diving Flag GoDive MykonosGoDive Mykonos is a friendly, professional PADI Dive Centre in Mykonos, a unique island in Cyclades Province, Greece.
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Dive Sites in Greece

Mykonos Island, Greece

So close to Mykonos dive center is the wreck of ANNA II, a 62 meters long cargo ship that sunk in the South-East part of Mykonos on 20 July of 1995. Anna II was built in 1966 by the Fa Hijlkema and Zonen BODEWES SCHEEPWERK N. V. shipyard in Holland, operated for the I/S Knud Sif Kopenhagen, with first name as Knud Sif.

The ship remains in excellent condition and it is possible to enter in a small part of it. The site around the wreck is also very interesting, with a reef with great biodiversity and a lot of big colourfull sponges!

This wreck serves as spectacular artificial reef, attracting an incredible diversity of marine life.

Diving on wrecks means diving in the past, parallel with a chance to explore what has been out of reach for so long.

Best sites in the area:The famous shipwreck of ¨Anna II¨, the inspiring reefs in Kalo Livadi and Super Paradise, the cave systems in Tragonisi. Best time to dive: May to October.
Suit required: Long Wet Suit 3mm.
Minimum depth: 8M/26F.
Maximum Depth: 40M/132F.
Wrecks: Several.
Visibility: Perfect.

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Wreck Anna II Underwater View of some fish at Mykonos,Diving In Greece Wreck Anna II