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Diving in Italy

Information about scuba diving in Italy, about the country, dive sites and diving centers.

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Important to know about Italy

Italy is the fifth most visited country and with all the ancients Roman Empire monuments it has the most World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. Most people visiting Italy come for the history, culture and beauty of the country.

Capital: Rome. Language: Italian. Currency: Euro. Population: Approx. 60,770,000 Climate: typical Mediterranean climate. Mild winters and warm, dry summers.

Scuba Diving in Italy

Lovers and fans of diving will dive all over the Italian coast, but the areas where most people dive is in the Islands of the country. Sardinia is considered the best diving in Italy. The Tuscany Archipelago that includes Elba Island also deserve to be mentioned. Sicily also has nice diving and some other islands that are too many to mention.

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Dive Sites in Italy

Sardinia/Cala Ganone

Discover the thrills of scuba-diving under the highest white cliffs of the Mediterranean that overlook emerald waters. Our nature-loving staff will be delighted to guide you to visit more than 30 dive-spots including cliff faces, shallows (sand banks), antique fossil beaches now underwater, caves and two wrecks from the Second World War - the famous German armed cargo ship KT 12, and the Italian merchant ship Nasello.

Best sites in the area: - List fish commonly seen in the area: Barracuda, Anchovies, sea ravens, groupers, moray eels, striped dolphin, loggerhead turtle, damselfish, amberjack, hermit crab, cuttlefish, purple sea-star, luminescent jellyfish, fried egg jellyfish, Lesser spotted dogfish and lots more!!! Best time to dive: -
Suit required: Long Wet Suit/Hood 7mm.
Minimum depth: 8M/26F.
Maximum Depth: 35M/115F.
Wrecks: Several Wrecks.
Visibility: Perfect.

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Diving In Italy-Cala Ganone
Diving In Italy-Cala Ganone