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Finding the Pyramid

I was working as a diving instructor and had only one student doing the Advance Open Water Course that day. We were getting ready for his first deep dive. We finished the briefing for the dive and were on our way to my usual spot for deep dive portion of the course. We would decent at the wall and at the bottom just fallow north on the compass till we reached 100 feet (30 meters).

I loved to use the wall for this kind of dives because the top at 6 meters from the surface was full of beautiful corals and perfect for the safety stop. The problem with my spot was that at the bottom of the wall we had to swim for 3 minutes looking at nothing but sand to reach the 100 feet mark.

I once heard from my colleagues of this place called The Pyramid. I was told that to get there you just fallow the right side of the wall, however, none off my colleagues knew the exact location. I was told that following the wall on the right side would get me to the depth I needed.

I decided to try the new site. I briefed the student again and told him that the change was for the better hey.. the descend would be smooth, just follow the wall's corals and we would not see that much sand at the bottom. He already was a strong diver and just by knowing that there would be more to see was exciting for him and me.

We followed as planed. This dive was from the shore so we swam to the area and started the descent right above the wall. We headed to the right of the wall and it was something totally different from what I saw before. The corals were priceless. This area was virgin, not too many divers had ventured on this side of the wall, I was very happy with my decision.

We arrived to the bottom of the wall and continued following to the right side of it until we saw what looked like the end of the wall with out reaching the depth that we were looking for. I looked around and about 10 meters from us I saw a continuation of the wall and we continued descending until we reached our desired 100 feet. We did the exercise we were supposed to do and started on our ascent by continuing to follow the wall.

Everything was going as planned as by following the wall we should have ascended at the place were we started. We went a little higher so we could see different corals on the way up. I could not find the spot were the wall was divided and I found it strange as it was not supposed to be far. Convinced that we were still at the wall I continued until I saw a black plastic bag for the second time. At that moment I realized we were swimming in circles.

Hey don't panic I thought. So far you know that: (1) you have no idea were we are (2) by not following this part of the wall and swimming south on the compass we would probably find the right wall, and (3) the surface is still up there.

Well to my embarrassment the wall was not there, so the only choice was to go up slowly and at five meters do the safety stop.

At the surface I realized how far from the descending area we were and how much we would have to swim back to the shore. On our way back, I asked the student if he enjoyed the dive and he said yes. I then explained to him what had happen and he laughed, well both of us did.

Back on land I told the story to my colleagues and some other divers. They told me that the place were I was going in circle was the PYRAMID. In fact on my next deep dive I went back to the Pyramid and this time I found my way back to the wall and to my perfect spot for the safety stop.

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