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Scuba diving stories is for divers to express and share some of their diving stories and adventures. Divers who got themselves into dangerous situations, describe how they reacted and what actions they took and live to tell the tale.

If it happened to you it may happen to another diver. Feel free to send us your experience as a diver. Who knows if your story will help someone else.

Diver's Tales

Diving Storie: I swam

I Swam For More Than One Hour

Since it was only my wife and I diving, and we knew the Dive Master and the boat driver, we asked for a nice dive site. We didn't think twice of it when the Dive Master pointed on their diving map to one of the farthest dive sites...Click here for more.

Finding The Pyramid

We were getting ready for his first deep dive. We finished the briefing for the dive and were on our way to my usual spot for deep dive portion of the course. We would decent at the wall and at the bottom...Click here for more.

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