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Make a page about your diving site and get all the credit. Imagine your local or best diving site, as described by you.

Some one already have described your diving site??? I bet you can do it better. Include pictures and invite all your friends to see it.

How to Do It?

It is easy. Just go to the form below and complete the fields. Add some pictures and send it.
After aproval you will received a e-mail telling you that your page is done.

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Linking ScubaDivingFanClub to your company or dive center's website

To make a link from to your company's website, all you have to do is fill out our form above and describe the diving in your area:
  • What is amazing about the dive sites? (described the best possible to attract our visitors)
  • Visibility.
  • Best season for diving.
  • Type of suit needed.
You or your company will have all the credits for the information you provide to us.
Example: Information provided by: - this is how your link will show.

Be aware that other companies in your area may also provide information and have a link on our website. The information provided by all companies from the same area will be combined and all companies' websites will have a link.

ScubaDivingFanClub will not make distinction between companies. The company that provided the information first will go on top, followed by the others, based on first come basis.

The information you provide must be accurate and not copied from another website (only if it comes from your website).

If your company operates in different areas you will have to fill the form for each area.