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The most famous Beach-Holiday place in Cuba, with over 20 km of fine white sand, is also an enclave featuring good diving sites from which divers can reach the coral reefs and observe caves, channels and a variety of artificial reefs like sunken planes and war shipwrecks. Loads of fish to see: Jacks, Barracudas, blue groper and more.

Cuban Diver Angel Fish

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Beside diving, tell us about the area: Varadero beach, nice restaurants and clubs. Describe types of diving in the area: Reef Dive, Wall, Wrecks, Night, Cave, Deep Dive(up to 130ft/40mt) and unforgettable Snorkelling tours. We also offer International Diving Courses in Varadero. Graduates will earn their international certificates recognized worldwide. How many dive sites in the area: 20. Best dive sites in the area: Coral beach. List fish commonly seen in the area: snappers,barracudas,angel fish,hog fish. Best time to dive: September. Shallowest dive: 8M/26F. Deepest Dive: 40M/132F. Visibility: Perfect. Any Wrecks: Several Wrecks. Suit required: Short Wet Suit 3mm.

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